The Monthly Mindful: March Edition

Your monthly roundup on the latest news and innovations from MWU, the world of mindfulness and mental health.

Mental Health Week 2019

Is Your Organization Ready?

May 6 - 12, 2019

Mental Health Week in May is a great opportunity to engage employees when mental health and improving their well being is top of mind.

The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) believes we all have mental health - Mental Health Week is about everyone, not only the 1 in 5 Canadians that suffer from a mental illness.  At MindWell-U, we believe in the importance of mental fitness. Like the CMHA, we believe we need to consider our mental health and fitness to be just as important as our physical health and fitness!Mindfulness is training for our brains and is a great way to care for our mental health. We are offering a 30% discount for organizations that launch the Mindfulness Challenge company wide in May! This is a special deal to help more individuals, teams and organizations develop the skills of mental health this May.

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Upcoming Webinar

The Role of Mindfulness in Cultivating Organizational Culture 

Thursday, April 11, 2019 

1 PM ET / 10 AM PT

Pam August, 'retired' Director Culture Activation at WestJet, will join MindWell-U’s Geoff Soloway to discuss:

Developing culture in support of strategy How mindfulness can play a role in cultivating an organizational culture with strong vision, intention, connection and alignment

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Pam led the organization's culture roadmap to ensure that WestJet’s renowned culture developed in support of strategy with strong vision and intention; by design not default. Over 14 years, she worked with all organizational levels from executive leadership to front line employees, and all departments to build strong connection and alignment. This included introducing Mindwell U's 30-day Challenge to the organization as part of the Sauder School of Business research study.  This study produced great results, and hundreds of WestJetters benefited from the challenge.

In her 'rewirement' (not retirement), Pam has started an independent practice with core offerings in three areas: organizational development, learning design and facilitation, and embodied development. A passionate lifelong learner, Pam has a Bachelors Degree in Adult Education, was an award winning post-secondary instructor, is completing her Masters of Arts in Leadership at Royal Roads University, and is a certified yoga teacher and licensed Brain Gym (Educational Kinesiology) instructor. 

Mindful Managers and Teams

Mindfulness has positive effects for individuals, but it can also help your team!

Mindfulness helps ease conflict, and increases collaboration and creativity. It allows teams to focus on the task at hand and fosters empathy.

Check out this resource for ideas on how to bring mindfulness to your team!

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The Surprising Power of Simply Asking Coworkers How They're Doing 

"39% of respondents feel the greatest sense of belonging when their colleagues check in with them, both personally and professionally. This was true across genders and age groups, with checking in being the most popular tactic for establishing a sense of belonging across all generations. By reaching out and acknowledging their employees on a personal level, companies and leaders can significantly enhance the employee experience by making their people feel valued and connected."

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Take 5 Moments

Reflections from participants on the Mindfulness Challenge...

"In our work we are constantly pushing deadlines in which I having been trying to take 5. I find it has helped me be more present and less reactive"

"Taking 5 in the midst of a flurry of activity helps me to re-prioritize and tackle the most important items first.."

Infolettre mensuelle

Semaine de la santé mentale 2019

Votre entreprise est-elle prête?

Du 6 au 12 mai 2019