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The Winter Blues VS. COVID-19 Pandemic

This is an excerpt from an article originally posted by CTV News: ‘A long, dark winter’: Experts worry about mental health in first full COVID-19 winter

"Mental health is not something somebody else struggles with anymore -- it's something we're all struggling with now."

With colder, shorter days approaching, it’s on everyone's mind how this winter will look with COVID-19 restrictions getting tighter as cases rise. This being the first full winter of the pandemic, experts are worried about mental illness like anxiety and depression rising more than ever before. The winter months without a pandemic usually brings on the winter blues, not to mention throwing COVID-19 in the mix. It is sure to heighten the issue of people's mental well-being.

A psychology professor at the University of Toronto, Steve Joordans, shows concern as the pandemic seems to have made anxiety a dominant mental health issue with the uncertainty of when people's lives will return to normal. He is concerned that the anxiety due to the pandemic may turn into depression as the winter months approach. “So if we're heading into winter with less sunshine, less ability to get social interaction, less opportunity for aerobic activity, less job security for some ... I worry we might see depression rates increase.” Joordans says.

It is important to get ahead of your mental well-being and plan to keep up with things like, social interactions, routines and self-care - whether or not they be from a distance, it is important to ensure your well-being is your first priority this winter.

It is important to think start thinking about what you can do to prioritize your mental well-being. Social interactions are a big part of peoples lives that will be affected even more so in the colder months - it is important to find alternatives like frequent FaceTime calls with family and friends.

Making time dedicated to your mental well-being is something that MindWell can help you with. Take time to consider what you want your daily routine to look like, make time for activities that make you happy, and prioritize self-care.

MindWell's training program takes just 5-10 minutes a day and will give you the tools to take control of your well-being and keep the winter blues away.

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