What's New from MindWell-U: December Edition

Your monthly roundup on the latest news and innovations from MWU, the world of mindfulness and mental health. Reading time is 1:39.

NEW FEATURE: Gift the Mindfulness Challenge

Have you benefited from learning mindfulness? Know a colleague, friend or family member who could also benefit from a bit more mindfulness in their life? Give the gift of mindfulness this holiday season by purchasing the Mindfulness Challenge. 

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From the Desk of Dr. Soloway

MindWell-U's founder Dr. Geoffrey Soloway reflects on the past year and highlights the best of 2018 at MWU. 

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WATCH: Attention, Learning and Mindfulness in a Digital World

Dr. Kristin Wilson joined MWU for a webinar this past week to discuss attention, learning and mindfulness in today's digital world. Watch two clips of Dr. Wilson explain how to pay attention in our current environments where the number of distractions has significantly increased, as well as how to multitask without performance costs.

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NEWS: Neuroscience Just Explained Why This Simple Technique for Calm and Mental Focus Works So Well

"If you're stressed or traumatized, if you have to do something frightening or difficult, if you're having trouble concentrating, or if you just can't fall asleep, what's the best thing to do? Amazingly, one simple technique works in all these situations: Controlling your breathing. If you've practiced yoga, you're already familiar with breath control exercises and how using your breathing to move through the poses makes yoga more effective."

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Take 5 Moments

Reflections from participants on the Mindfulness Challenge...

"Since taking the Challenge, I notice the benefits every day. Simple things such as my work load in the office, longs lines in the grocery store and unpleasant conversations are now much easier to deal with!" 

"My reaction to changes at work is different now. I'm able to put things into perspective, think before I react and I feel less stressed as a result." 


Mindful Start to 2019

Support a mindful start to 2019 at your organization with the Mindfulness Challenge. The timing is right to get your team, department or organization focused and aligned.

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