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What's New from MindWell-U: January Edition

Your monthly roundup on the latest news and innovations from MWU, the world of mindfulness and mental health. Reading time is 2:34.

Upcoming Webinar: 

How to Transcend Anger with Mindfulness

Wednesday January 30, 2019  1 PM ET / 10 AM PT

Sanjeev Kumar

Sanjeev Kumar will join MindWell-U’s Dr. Geoff Soloway to discuss:

  • How to bring mindfulness into action amidst a busy work day

  • Strategies for decreasing Stress and Anger with Mindfulness

  • Transcending Ego and becoming a mindful leader

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Sanjeev Kumar is a Mindfulness Practitioner and Acclaimed Author of “Practicing The Power of Present Moment”. He invites readers to celebrate each moment and he teaches lessons on living an aware, mindful life filled with joy. Sanjeev is also the founder of the Canadian Mindfulness Research Center.


Building a Mindful Organization

Dr. Geoff Soloway, MindWell-U Founder, discusses how we should begin to view mindfulness as a core competency for all employees and how mindfulness training can help shift an organization's culture from mindless to mindful.

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Mindfulness In The Workplace 2.0: Combine It With Purpose To Advance Your Career

"By fostering and practicing mindfulness, you can create a positive, in-the-moment work environment that enables team members to learn and develop their individual purpose, always being mindful of how their role affects others. By instilling a culture of purpose-driven work, you can set team and individual goals that get people out of their comfort zone, achieve those goals, celebrate accomplishing them, then reset and pursue new ones after a short period of “recovery."

Read the full article


Take 5 Moments

Reflections from participants on the Mindfulness Challenge...

"Taking 5 in the morning helps me set a good intention for the day."

"What I have gained most from the mindfulness aspect: no more mindless driving and arriving places without remembering the time to get I notice the sun, feel the heat, notice the surroundings/trees and enjoy the ride!"


Infolettre mensuelle


La pleine conscience pour éviter les conflits au travail

« Nous avons trouvé que, lorsque les équipes font preuve de pleine conscience, cela réduit les conflits interpersonnels et les aide à mieux se concentrer sur leurs tâches », ajoute le professeur de l’UBC.»

Lire l'article complet.

Moments Prends 5 

Réflexions de participants sur le Défi pleine conscience ce mois-ci 

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