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Using Mindfulness and Self-Compassion to Leverage better Performance: Lessons and Insights from Sport

Amy Baltzell, Ed.D. -AASP, OLY, joins MindWell Founder, Dr. Geoff Soloway to discuss what self compassion is and how it builds success and courage. They talk about how to deal with difficult emotions and how to observe reactivity to rise above workplace conflict and make wise choices. Learn the difference between meditation and real life; place your attention when and where it counts.

Check out the highlights from their conversation!


Self-Compassion Defined

The Performance Cycle

Handling difficult emotions in the heat of the moment

Self-Compassion is Important for Leadership

The Circle of Compassion

A Mindful Lifestyle

How Mindfulness can Help When Living with Anxiety

Learning how to Accept Reality in This Difficult Time


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