The MindWell Solution

A cohesive organizational learning experience for your entire company, from leaders to the front lines. 

An immersive mindfulness training program designed specifically for leaders.

A six-month training program to help you integrate mindfulness into your daily life. 


MindWell's organizational learning initiative complements existing systems within an organization. MindWell integrates into leadership, health and safety, benefits, wellness, learning, change management, finance, disability management and onboarding programs for new employees. Integrating with multiple systems in the organizational makes for a more effective and sustainable initiative.


Unlike a meditation app that follows a narrow approach and only targets individuals, MindWell uses a holistic approach that focuses on ‘we’ and makes an impact at the individual, departmental and organizational levels to support your bottom line.



MindWell's Mindful Leadership program is designed to help leaders:

  • Cultivate high levels of self-awareness, allowing leaders to bring their best selves to all aspects of leadership and daily life

  • Learn to use mindfulness to cultivate the emotional intelligence required to inspire top performance and true engagement from their team members

  • Improve their personal effectiveness and well-being

  • Open pathways to innovation and acquire the tools to focus their attention, to think and lead more holistically

  • Develop the capacity to remain calm under stress and the ability to respond vs. react



The MindWell Challenge teaches 'mindfulness-in-action' so busy people can get focused, engaged and less stressed in the middle of whatever they're doing.
No dark rooms, yoga mats or scented candles required.
  1. Custom pacing - choose to complete the Challenge over 30,  60 or 90 Days

  2. Invite a buddy for free to join you on the Challenge

  3. Access to Studio Be, MindWell's virtual mindfulness studio hosting daily live guided mindfulness practices and monthly webinars with MindWell experts

  4. Five-month Keep 5 Alive Booster Program 

  5. Access to The Well, MindWell's resource library

  6. Access to MindWell Resources for six months