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MindWell Founder Dr. Geoff Soloway hosted a webinar with Dr. Cheryl Fraser on how mindfulness can help us in daily life. Can it help us to be a better partner, lover, or friend? The answer is Yes. Mindfulness and Dharma don't just belong on the meditation cushion. They belong in our life, in our relationships, and in our bed.

In this training you’ll learn:

  • The three keys to an exceptional relationship

  • How to change your mind, not your mate - and create happiness in your self and your relationship

  • How mindfulness can improve your erotic life

  • How mindful communication and Mindful apology can serve you from the bedroom to the boardroom​



Why is it so Difficult to Live "Happily Ever After"?
The Three Keys to an Exceptional Relationship
The Essential Keys that Many Couples Often Neglect
How Do You Get Your Partner On Board to Improve Your Relationship?
Why NOW is the Time for You to Wake Up!
Great Sex is All In Your Head - Using Mindfulness to Improve Your Erotic Life
There are Two Types of Sexual Desire
The Truth About Sexless Relationships
Using the 'Mindful Apology' from the Bedroom to the Boardroom
How to Create the Most Magnificent Relationship




Sharp, frank and fearless, that’s Buddhist sex therapist, certified Gottman therapist, author and speaker Dr. Cheryl Fraser. With a rare combination of academic credibility, humor, straight talk, and life-changing advice, she has helped thousands of couples jumpstart their love life and create passion that lasts a lifetime.  She has taught for Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield, appears on television and podcasts, and writes about love and sex for magazines. Dr. Cheryl’s online immersion program for couples – Become Passion – brings her work to your own living room. Learn more and get on the waitlist here. Listen to her podcast Sex Love & Elephants here. Her book Buddha’s Bedroom – the Mindful Loving Path to Sexual Passion and Lifelong Intimacy – is available now. For more information, visit her website and check out her videos here. The the Passion Quiz and rate your own relationship on the Three Keys to Passion here.


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