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Studio Be is MindWell's virtual mindfulness studio with drop-in classes every day of the week! Sign up for one of these 20-minute sessions to get your daily dose of mindfulness and community!

Drop-In Class Schedule
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*Classes are offered in both French and English. The language the class is advertised in is the language in which it will be presented.

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Drop-In Class Descriptions
Jackie’s class is a blend of guided mindfulness practices, visualizations and reflective exercises to help participants reach a deeper level of relaxation and presence. Her approach is friendly and light yet steeped with valuable wisdom teachings to help you learn and evolve in practical ways.
Reflective Practice with Jackie Roberge
12PM ET / 9AM PT
Join Derek to enhance your performance moments with a gold medalists’ mindset!  This class will help prime your capacity for flow, resilience, and clarity as you develop the capacity to perform at your best in the face of stress, setback, and uncertainty. 
Peak Performance with Derek Covington
11AM ET / 8AM PT
Take a pause with us at MindWell during your busy workday and allow your mind and body to de-stress and re-set. This practice will involved beginner tai chi, yoga and stretching guided by the breath. The session is 20 minutes and can be done with limited space. There is no need to change your clothes! This session will change your mind!
Mindful Movement with Randi-Mae
12PM ET / 9AM PT
Take 5 with the Founder of MindWell! Signing up for a session with Doc Soloway is a prerequisite while taking the MindWell Challenge. For those engaged or stalled on the Challenge, this session is an opportunity to refine the tools to Take 5 and kickstart your own personalized practice.
Take 5 with Dr. Geoff Soloway
3PM ET / 12PM PT
Join Sara for a fun-filled family class of mindful stories and experiential exercises. This class will playfully introduce children to mindfulness; including compassion, curiosity, attention, empathy, and responding to big feelings. This class is geared towards kids aged 6-9 and parents/caregivers are welcome too.
Lil' Mindful Minds
Les séances libres de Jackie sont un mélange de pratiques de la pleine conscience, de la méditation et de la respiration guidées pour aider les participants à atteindre un niveau profond de relaxation et de présence. Son approche est amicale et légère mais imprégnée de précieux enseignements de sagesse pour vous aider à apprendre et à évoluer de manière pratique.
Pratique Réflexive avec Jackie Roberge
3h HE / 12h HP
This session begins with a seated stretch before a brief discussion on a mindfulness lesson, attitude, or research-based nugget of wisdom that is related to practical life or work related ends. Dr. Ellen then guides participants through a mindfulness practice. Not to be missed.
Everyday Mindfulness with Ellen Choi
12PM ET / 9AM PT