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We Don't Need a Better Hard Hat:

A Mindful Approach to Workplace Safety

Don't miss this session at the Alberta Health and Safety Conference on mindfulness and workplace safety with Dr. Geoff Soloway, Founder & Chief Training Officer of MindWell!

Thursday, February 6 | 3:00 to 4:15

Mindfulness-in-Action: Core Competency for Health & Safety Culture

Moving from the realm of the obscure to now what is seemingly obvious, mindfulness is becoming the go-to mental fitness approach for enhancing individuals, teams and organizations as a whole. An evidence-based approach, mindfulness can be viewed as a core competence, positively influencing a diverse range of workplace skillsets and mindsets including: communication, teamwork, safety, productivity, leadership, conflict resolution, resiliency and mental health. distractions, plus stress, anxiety, and depression.


Learning objectives in this session include:

  • Business case for mindfulness in the workplace

  • Learn the distinction between mindfulness and mindlessness.

  • Share case study working with Enbridge, WestJet, and WorksafeBC

  • Understand the scientific research underlying mindfulness training with a specific focus in the workplace and safety.

  • Take 5 tool you can use to flip the switch from mindless to mindful

  • Tips on a comprehensive and sustainable approach for organizational implementation from executives to the front lines 

How does mindfulness impact workplace safety?

Learn how Dr. Shelley Parker, Industrial Psychologist at NB Power used mindfulness training to help the organization with Canada's Safest Employer Award in 2016.

Mindful Checklists

Let's Up the 10!

The Importance of Ownership

We don't need a better hard hat

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