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MindWell-U delivers evidence-based, bilingual mindfulness programs and training that lead to less stress, more joy and peak performance.

For nearly a decade, our evidence-based, customized approach and multi-disciplinary team has made mindfulness accessible and relevant in the workplace, in the academic environment and at home.  


What is Mindfulness?

While mindfulness is an ancient wisdom tradition, today it is an evidence-based training used in government, healthcare, business, education and military settings.

“There are many definitions of mindfulness but it boils down to a training in attention,” says Dr. Geoffrey Soloway.  “Rather than worrying about what has happened or might happen in the future, mindfulness teaches people to respond skillfully to whatever is happening right now. Once people see things for what they really are, they can respond better, communicate more clearly and be more engaged with what they’re doing." 

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Mindfulness at Work

The top three benefits of integrating mindfulness into the workplace are:

  1. Emotion regulation

  2. Ability to stay present and conserve mental resources

  3. Increased resilience


Mindfulness has a huge impact on leadership because it helps leaders become more empathetic, in-tune with their employees and responsive vs. reactive which has big benefits when it comes to consensus-building and decision-making.

MindWell-U delivers mindfulness workshops of varying lengths to leaders at organizations across North America.

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“Coca-Cola hosted three over-subscribed MindWell-U workshops and we were very pleased. The workshops provided a great overview of mindfulness and practical techniques that our associates were able to use immediately. We were so impressed that Coca-Cola had MindWell-U deliver a half-day workshop to our top leaders and we're offering the 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge to all employees.”

— Tova White, VP Human Resources, Coca-Cola

Mindfulness & Millenials

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Stress Levels Mounting

95% focused on managing or minimizing stress

an icon of too many text messages

Overwhelmed by constant connectivity

84% sometimes feel overwhelmed by social media

an icon of balance in life

Balance is New Achievement

99% agree with “more and more, I’m trying to find balance in my life”

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Mindfulness Goes Mainstream

Almost 8 in 10 Millennials meditate at least once a month

Top Reasons Millennials Embrace Mindfulness

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Helps me function better (98%)

an icon of a happy face

Makes me happier (98%)

an icon of antidote

 Vital antidote to the stresses of life (98%)

Mind Body Green Report, “Meet The Mindful Millenial” November 2014


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