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Mindful teams are the
heart of healthy business

Give your people the mindfulness tools they need to succeed.

Bring MindWell to your team, department or organization.

More than a meditation app

Over the last 3 years, MindWell has trained over 60,000 leaders and employees in the practice of mindfulness. Participants report they are:

Healthier & happier

95% reduced stress

95% improved mental health

90% improved physical health

More focused

95% better focus

92% more engaged at work

80% improved time management

Working better together

95% managing conflict better

85% collaborating better

82% improved communication


"Not only am I noticing the benefits at work, but I’m also seeing them in my home life. I’m much less reactive and I’m enjoying the moment."

Our Clients

Research-backed • Bilingual • Quantifiable results

On-demand training, available on your phone, tablet or desktop

Easy to roll out across your organization
A minimal investment of time, between 
5-10 minutes a day, for huge results

Supplementary Workshops & Coaching for Leaders

MindWell is no longer a “nice-to-have”...

it is the foundation for building a team and culture that works.

Book a demo to learn how MindWell can impact

your team, department or organization!


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