Here's what some clients say... 

Implementing the Challenge was easy despite being a small team that's extremely busy. We simply emailed the registration URL to all employees and then they completed the registration process. Getting the word out was also easy using the Digital Marketing Kit provided by MWU... no one knew we did the promotions ourselves without support from the communications team!

Health and Wellness Manager, Government of Canada

"Coca-Cola is pleased to make the 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge available to all its Associates. As an organization, we’re always looking for ways to support our people without adding more to their busy days. This online training, plus the in-person mindfulness workshops MindWell has conducted with our Associates and Leaders, are helping to support Coca-Cola’s commitment to wellbeing."

Tova White, Vice President HR, Coca-Cola 

"This is the best piece of e-learning I've ever worked with." Pam August, Director of Culture, WestJet

"Halton Healthcare is pleased to provide the evidence-based 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge to staff, physicians, students and volunteers at our three Ontario hospitals. Not only is this e-mental health tool easy to implement in a workplace with different locations, job functions and shifts, but it helps our people manage stress and perform at a high level so we can deliver on our mission to provide exemplary patient care always." Louisa Nedkov, Manager, Halton Healthcare

What I like about the 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge is the depth it has.  The Challenge is easy to do but it has that punch that makes a difference in people's stress and engagement. Dr. Peter Cornish, Director of Student Health and Wellness Centre, Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor

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Here's what some MindWell Challenge

participants say... 

"At the end of the day I'm typically frazzled - my mind is racing and I can't fall asleep. But now I practice Take 5 to get out of my head and into my body and it helps calm me down so I can drift off to sleep.  I taught Take 5 to my wife and she's sleeping better too!"

"Everyone in my office took the Challenge together so now we have a 'short hand' that quickly gets us focused and back on task"

"The Mindfulness Challenge taught me how to tune out all the distractions in my workplace and focus on what matters most"

"I've learned to respond instead of react and that's made a huge difference in my professional relationships and home life"

"Someone in my family was recently diagnosed with addiction and it's been an extremely sad and stressful time. I'm thankful to have Take 5 in my back pocket... I've used it when trying to talk to my loved one, when trying to fall asleep at night (and my mind is going 1000 miles an hour) and when I need to focus on other things like work and being a good parent"

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"I'm happier and more empowered to deal with difficult situations at work"

"I signed up for the Challenge and started with good intentions, as we all do, but then my life got derailed. The last 45 days have been difficult but Take 5, and the small amount of daily work I was able to complete in the Challenge, helped when it felt like I had been dropped in the middle of a desert with no map, no food, and no water."

"Becoming mindful has helped me see my many blessings which I used to overlook before. Thank you!"

"I Take 5 during difficult conversations with colleagues and customers (friends too!). It helps me stay calm, see the crux of the issue, and MOVE ON instead of dwelling and stewing in the negative emotions"

"Since learning mindfulness and Take 5 I've been arriving at work in an open, positive state of mind which is best for handling the stress of the day"

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