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Designed by leaders for leaders to:

  • build resilience to bounce back quickly

  • feel confident leading in the modern workplace 

  • improve engagement & productivity in their teams

without adding another thing to already busy schedules. 

Successful Organizations begin

with Effective, Resilient Leaders


for Leaders

"Employee engagement is better predicted by the leader's ability to manage stress than by the employee's current stress level."

In fact, effective, resilient managers and leaders are one of the best predictors of high employee retention and engagement rates. And high engagement rates are directly related to increased productivity and profitability by up to 21%!

GOOD NEWS: These Integral Leadership Skills Can Be Learned

Over 90,000 participants have gone through MindWell's training with the following results: 

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MindWell for Leaders


Research-backed • Quantifiable results • On-demand training •  10-15 minutes a day

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